St. Michael’s Camp Fire Pit Grant

The fire pit and the seating area at St. Michael’s Camp had become weathered and unsafe for children to use. We needed to rebuild the bleacher style seating and re-landscape the common area and insert a steel ring for the fire in the middle of the area. We also needed to make this wheelchair accessible by having wider openings into the center so that everyone can enjoy the night ambiance.

St. Michael’s camp would like to thank you for your generous grant in helping fund our new fire-pit for our kids to enjoy at camp. Our old fire-pit was in a state of disrepair and had to be replaced, as the wooden bleachers were rotten and unsafe for the children to use. With the money we received this year, we were able to rebuild the main patio area and the fire pit burning area. Next year we hope to raise money to purchase some aluminum bleachers for the kids to sit on and complete the project.

Tracie Bugera
Chairperson of St. Michael’s Camp

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