Rose Garden Hospice

October 5th 2017
Rose Garden Hospice
Gateway Mall Development Office
Prince Albert, Sask.

Dear Knights of Columbus Chair and Board Members,

We wish to humbly thank you for choosing us as one of the projects you have supported though your grant donation. We are very grateful and the grant will help support our development office by keeping it operational. The Development office is an integral part of what we do to keep the public aware of our project. Many people stop to inquire about the Rose Garden Hospice project and we do our best to educate the public. Many people have shared their own story of a loved one who has passed away.

I have enclosed pictures for your website or Facebook page. One picture is the Chair Marina Mitchell and Board member Gordon Hein happily sporting the cheque for the grant we received. Other pictures are a depiction of the home like environment we hope to provide as an alternative to a hospital for people who are in the last stages of life. Another is a picture of our board members who gather at the development office once a month, if not more, to have our Rose Garden Hospice board meetings.

For an update on the project; we are starting through the radio and newspapers to create more public awareness and take in donations. We also have acquired the land on which to build the hospice which was generously donated by Mr. Fred Trach. We continue to build relationships with the Health Region, the Government of Saskatchewan and the City of Prince Albert. Once again, from the Rose Garden Hospice Board, our heartfelt thanks.

Madeleine Wrigley
Secretary for the Rose Garden Hospice Board

Marina Mitchell
Chair of the Rose Garden Hospice Board

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