Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Strategy

Sask K of C Vocations Endowment Strategy


Sask/Northern Sask Roman Catholic Dioceses & Ukrainian Eparchy


Sask Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation


  • To develop a long-term partnership between the Saskatchewan Dioceses/Eparchy, Sask K of C Charitable Foundation and Sask K of C State that will encourage a holistic sustainable approach to meeting the increasing need for leaders in our Church


Soft Launch already underway – focus on awareness and trialing processes/materials

Hard Launch – Intense Campaign – 1st weekend February 2019.  (Feb 2 & 3); Flexible to use subsequent weekends in February for those Parishes where the first weekend does not work.

  1. Commitment from all Bishops in province for support COMPLETED November 22. Excellent support.
  2. Archbishops/Bishops to Parish Priests/Church Offices about Vocation Endowment Strategy and relationship with the Knights of Columbus Councils . Completed December 2018.
  3. Finalize membership for and establish terms of reference for the Vocations Endowment Strategy Advisory/Steering Committee – if any meetings are required, they would be by conference call.
  • Fr Stephen Bill, Archdiocese of Regina; Fr Colin Roy, Diocese of Saskatoon; Fr Jim Kaptein, Diocese of Prince Albert; Fr Warren Dungen, Eparchy of Saskatoon
  1. Communications
    1. District Deputies – Sask K of C Midterm Meeting – Nov 30, Dec 1 and 2
      Council Grand Knights – Month of Dec (encourage soft launch activities as nice to have; BUT must establish Campaign Coordinator/team readiness for hard launch activities February 3rd weekend)
  2. Provide examples of soft launch successes – As they occur – Weekly GK/CC Bulletin
  3. Establish clearly defined Hard Launch/Campaign Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Parish Priests – Assist in awareness – introduce Knights representative to speak at mass
    2. Parish Offices – Assist in collecting and forwarding funds
    3. District Deputies – co-ordinate Council activities
    4. Council GKs – accountable to ensure campaign takes place
    5. Council Campaign Coordinators/Teams – Meet with priest to define program
      - introduce the program at masses
      - hand out business cards & envelopsVocations Endowment Strategy Materials
  4. Donation envelops (3,000 already printed and available for distribution)
  5. Business Cards – Circulation at Council & Parishes – 100,000 printed
  6. Parish Bulletin Inserts (for weekends leading up to the hard launch date; as well as Campaign weekend)
  7. Script for Pulpit Announcements (2 minutes)
  8. Trifold Brochure – End of December
  9. Power Point Slides for inclusion at Parish before Mass
    $25.00/member over 3 years.  First $250,000.00 matched by Sask K of C Charitable Foundation

Grand Knight Tasks for this week:

  • Appoint Campaign co-ordinator and send name to
  • Make Council members aware


This is how we are doing on our way to reach our Year 2 goal:

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$270,500‘Thanks$26,339‘Thanks10%

You will note the following:

  • 65 Councils participating during the second year
  • 4 Councils have reached their target of $25.00/member for this year
  • Received $26,339.00 or 10.5% of target ($250,000.00)


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