K of C Vocations Strategy

K of C Vocations Strategy Objectives

  • Create a sustainable fund for Seminarian funding
  • Council leadership in Vocation support
  • Partnership with Diocese & Eparchy

Establish Sask K of C Vocations Endowment

  • Target of $500,000.00 in 3 years
  • Budget Donations of $80,000.00/year
  • Matched by Sask K of C Charitable Fdn Capital fund to a maximum of $250,000.00 over 3 years

Seminarian Support Objectives

  • Minimum of $1,000.00/Seminarian/year
  • Compliment with Supreme RSVP program

Implementation Plan

  • Approval & Support
    • Sask K of C Charitable Foundation
    • Sask K of C State Board
    • Four Sask Dioceses & Eparchy
    • All Councils
  • Establish a Vocations Endowment Marketing Plan
    • Marketing Committee 5 – 7 people
    • District Deputy commitment
    • Diocesan volunteers
    • Planned Giving Component
  • Council/Parish Participation
    • One Sunday / Year
    • Fundraiser (ex Breakfast)
    • Knights accepting donations
  • Provincial fundraiser in conjunction


  • Exemplifies support for our Clergy
  • Visual partnership with Diocese & Parishes
  • Profile K of C & your Council as a proactive leader


This is how we are doing on our way to reach our goal:


You will note the following:

  • 44 Councils or 32% of the Councils have made a donation to the Vocations Endowment.
  • One Council has met their 3 year target of $25.00/member.
  • To date we have raised a total of $17,518.45 which represents 7% of our 3 year target.