Help for Fort McMurray

The Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus were extremely moved and concerned with the devastation and losses experienced by the residents of Fort McMurray as a result of the major forest fires that victimized that community earlier this year.
Our Councils, in partnership with the Saskatchewan K of C Charitable Foundation, initiated a fund-raising project as a means of providing financial assistance to those adversely affected.
On May 31, 2016 we presented a check to the Canadian Red Cross for $13,860.00.  This amount was matched by the Federal Government for a total contribution to Fort McMurray of $27,720.00.
In September 2016 we presented a further check payable to the Alberta State Council Knights of Columbus for $32,524.04.  This provided a total of over $60,000.00 in financial assistance that was raised by the Knights of Columbus in Saskatchewan and forwarded directly to the victims of this devastation.  We were pleased to have our Brother Knights in Ft. McMurray agree to assist in the distribution of these funds to those in need.
This is another example of the generosity of our Brother Knights as we work together to improve the quality of life to those in need and further exemplify the lesson of Charity.

Click here to read the response from Alberta State Deputy


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