December 2017 Newsletter

The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation would like to thank our Councils and membership for their ongoing generosity and support. Our Foundation has achieved over $3.5 million in assets. Total donations for 2017 have reached a total of $203,002.00 with 77 Councils or 54% of total Councils having made a donation. We are very pleased with the total contributions, however, it would be very re-warding to see 100% Council participation and support. To view the donation totals of all Councils, view our website and hit “Council Targets” on the Home page. The Foundation provides financial assistance to projects and organizations that support our Catholic faith as well as improve the quality of life for the less fortunate within our communities. Applications for requesting funding through our annual grant program can be found on our website. Closing date for applications is January 15th, 2018. We ask that you make qualifying organizations within your community aware.

The Foundation also partners with Councils in raising funds for specific individual needs through Contingency Projects throughout the year.

We are proud to offer fourteen $1000.00 Bursaries in support of post secondary education each year. The Adrienne & Mervyn Welter Education Endowment provides three $1,000.00 Bursaries to each of our Catholic Universities (St. Peter’s – Muenster; St Tomas Moore – Saskatoon; Campion – Regina). The Foundation also offers a $1,000.00 Bursary to a student at each of the four Sask Polytechnic Campus (Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Prince Albert). This year we are also introducing a Bursary for a student enrolled at St. Teresa College in Bruno.

Applicants for every Bursary must be either a Knight, spouse, child or grandchild of a Knight of Columbus. Unfortunately we have not had sufficient applications in the past to award all Bursaries. Please ensure that your child or grandchild is aware that these applications can be found on each University &/or Sask Polytechnic website.

Memorial donations to the Foundation are an excellent method of expressing sympathy of loss of a loved one to the family. If the family indicates the Foundation as a “Charity of Choice” on their obituary, envelops should be available at the funeral home. Otherwise, send the donation to the Foundation and please include the name of the deceased together with the name and address of the spouse or next of Kin. Upon receipt of the donation, the deceased member’s name will be placed on our website for a year and included within our Memorial Mass celebration. The Foundation will also for-ward a certificate to the spouse or next of kin indicating that you and/or your Council has made a do-nation (no amount is shown) and a mass will be offered on their behalf. In support of Memorial donations, the State Convention in 2017 approved a Resolution that each Council will provide a $100.00 Memorial donation to the Sask K of C Foundation in the name of each member that passes away within their Council.

Endowments are an excellent vehicle to create a legacy in the name of your family or as a memorial for a deceased family member. Each year, the family that establishes the Endowment can direct the earnings to their recipient of choice as part of the Grant allocation process. Please contact our office or any Board of Director if you wish further information.

As we celebrate Christ’s entry into the world, may we be ever mindful of the needs of others. May you and your family enjoy a very Merry Blessed and Safe Christmas Season.

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