Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Contingency Project


  • To develop a framework that will facilitate the promotion and enhancement of "Charity giving" of Councils, Members and citizens at large.
  • To develop opportunities for Sask K of C Charitable Foundation, Councils and members to work together in providing financial assistance to worthy projects, programs or individuals.
  • To develop a mechanism and process to entertain project and program funding requests throughout the year.

Principles for Contingency Project Partnership Agreements

The Sask K of C Foundation will consider entering into a Contingency Project/Program Partnership with a Council, group of Councils with the objective of improving the quality of life and support Catholic values with our communities as follows:

  • The Council(s) will approve the project at the local level including a participants, timeframes and marketing strategy. The approved project will be presented to the President of the Sask K of C Foundation for consideration.
  • Each project/program will have a budget including specific timelines.
  • Sask K of C Charitable Foundation Grants Committee will review the project proposal to determine approval. A key element of approval will be the degree support of the members and Council(s).
  • Once approved, all funds raised will be channeled through the Foundation account. Each donation of $20.00 or more will receive a tax receipt. 
  • Funds may be contributed directly to the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation office or by credit card payment through the website. The website will outline each project and promote support by all viewers.
  • The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation will provide an additional Grant to the Project/Program recipient.


  • Project/Program recipients potentially receive more funds for their Charitable needs.
  • Councils receive expanded exposure for their project/programs.

Sask Knights of Columbus receive greater exposure and visibility while practicing their primary principle of Charity and second principle of Unity.

Victor Santos project

Father David Gilles Council 5858 in Moosomin is partnering with the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation in the Victor Santos project.

Victor Santos, his wife Lesi and their son sought asylum from death threats in their country of Honduras. They arrived in Canada in 2011 and have sought residency here in Canada for the past 6 ½ years. During that time they were also blessed with their second son. All citizen applications failed during that timeframe and they were given deportation orders – to be removed and sent back in Honduras on July 5th, 2017.

Moosomin Council, in partnership with St Mary’s Parish and the Anglican parish of St. Alban’s worked diligently with the family to put continuous pressure on the Canadian government. They were successful in having a 2 year temporary leave issued in June.

Although this have been a stressful and costly process for the Santos family, they now must focus on obtaining permanent residency and eventually Canadian citizenship.

The Victor Santos Project will be designed to raise much needed financial support for this effort. The project will begin immediately and it is their suggestion that we conclude September 30th, 2017.

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Campion College - Give a Lift

This project is in partnership with Campion College Council (#15955) & Regina Chapter. 

There is need for an accessibility lift to be built into the new Campion College front entry, to enable individuals with mobility challenges to access Campion building from the new underground tunnel being built to connect the residence towers to the College.

This is only a small part of a massive building improvement project being undertaken by Campion College to make the entire facility more accessible.  The Regina Chapter together with the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation has accepted the challenge to raise the funds needed for this lift.

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Coats for Kids

coats-for-kidsOnce again State Council has teamed up with the State Charitable Foundation to receive orders from councils as well as individuals for the Coats for Kids program.

All donors who wish to make a donation of $20 or more towards the purchase of coats will receive an income tax receipt. All donations will be credited towards the council that raises the funds and will also count towards their yearly quota.

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Wheelchair Donations

Canadian Wheelchair Foundation Challenge
Alberta against Saskatchewan

Brother Knights

Your Wheelchair Foundation program directors of Alberta and Saskatchewan have set out a challenge for this year’s State Convention. Basically – which province can sponsor the most wheelchairs for people who lack mobility – and often hope, freedom and independence?

Here is how it works.

We encourage your Council to conduct fundraising activities or use available Charitable Funds for meeting the Chal-lenge of sponsoring at least one Wheelchair – for a donation of just $195.00. (Note that all personal donations collected by the Council prior to April 24th can be included in your Council’s contribution. Personal donations in excess of $20.00 are eligible for a tax deductible receipt from the Foundation and will be counted in your council totals.)

We ask that the Council deliver a cheque(s) to our State Convention and present it during the Saturday afternoon Sask KofC Charitable Foundation Annual General Meeting. Make the cheques payable to the Sask KofC Charitable Foundation and place the words “Wheelchair Do-nation” on memo line. All donations will be tracked and a winner announced at the Canadian Association Meeting held during the Supreme Convention.

There are support materials available from your director and State Office. We will send them out to you on request.

Any questions, please, contact:
Shawn Scherr, Sask WFPD at 306 222 9549 or email
Richard Rajotte, Alberta WFPD at 780 478 9111 or email

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K of C Monument Landscape 2017

This project is presented by Resurrection Council 13214 on behalf of the Regina Chapter.

Columbus Park is a baseball park within the city of Regina that the Knights of Columbus have looked after for a significant number of years. It is their hope to have this monument as a means of creating a legacy to visually demonstrate this involvement and also as a means of creating a further awareness of the community involvement of the Knights of Columbus.

It will be situated on the edge of Columbus Park (Park Street near the Regina Airport) and be visible to walking and driving viewers.

A small portion of this monument was constructed in 2005 in commemoration of Saskatchewan’s Centennial. It is the intent to finalize this portion by July 1, 2017 in concert with Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations.

The main structure will be completed with concrete and the design is meant to minimize vandalism.

The budget to complete this project is $15,000.00 - $18,000.00. As a partner, we will have our name on the plaque together with the Knights of Columbus and the 4th Degree Assembly. There will also be a plaque on the base where any personal contributors presenting over $100.00 will be recognized. Donations will be accepted by the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation till June 30th, 2017.

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Mark Banga - Marriage & Family - John Paul II Institute

This project is in partnership with Regina Monsignor Gerein Council 9859

Mark & Maggie Banga joined the Camboni Lay Missionary Program and began a mission in Ethiopia in February 2010.  Mark has served for 6 years at the Awassa Catholic Secretariat, the main diocesan coordinating office servicing the south of Ethiopia.  This experience has convinced them that they wish to dedicate the remainder of their lives as lay missionaries and in particular to return to Canada to undertake a ministry of evangelization with the Church on "marriage and family".
Mark will commence a two-year master's degree in theology at John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C. beginning in August 2016.  Mark, Maggie and their three adopted children will be moving from Ethiopia to Washington D.C.
Mark is the son of Monsignor Gerein member Alex Banga.

Photo of Mark and Maggie Banga and family.  The oldest child is Emebet, then Isayas the boy and the youngest is Teibe.

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Archbishop Donald Bolen’s Charity of Choice

We have raised more than $3,500 for Archbishop Don Bolen’s gift for his Installation as Archbishop – to be given to a Charity of his choice.  After considerable deliberation as to need, Archbishop Don has asked that we establish a new “Charity” – to start-up of a new Office, an Office of Truth and Reconciliation – to reconnect and rebuild opportunities to engage in a dialogue with First Nations/Indigenous Peoples.  As we are now planning to present the gift during the State Convention there is still time for Councils and individuals to make donations towards this gift.  Individuals who make the donation with the Sask KofC Charitable Foundation will receive a tax deductible receipt.   If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to let your members know of this opportunity.

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